Amber Smith has been living and working in rural America since 2004, beginning at The Home Ranch in Colorado, where she worked as a wrangler. She and her husband are currently raising their two children and working to steward a 53,000-acre ranch in Cohagen, Montana. She is the director of the Women in Ranching program of the Western Landowners Alliance.

Having moved out to remote areas of Montana for work after college, Melissa DiNino found herself in places that were steeped in quiet contemplation. As a range rider, she worked

Nicole Masters is an independent agroecologist, systems thinker, author and educator. She has a formal background in ecology, soil science and organizational learning studies from Otago and Auckland Universities, in

Kelsey Scott is a fourth generation rancher, artist, entrepreneur and leader in her community on the Cheyenne River Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Like the open prairie she calls

A conversation with Mimi Hillenbrand of the 777 Bison Ranch Mimi Hillenbrand has been running the 777 Ranch in South Dakota for her family for 15 years and has worked on

Part 1 of an interview with Liz Barbour of Cinch Buckle Ranch Amber: What inspired you to develop an educational program to help support women learning traditional ranching skills? Liz: What inspired

Many traditional position descriptions for ranch jobs consciously or unconsciously discourage women from applying. If you're hiring, use these tips to get the biggest possible pool of qualified applicants.