Feeding the Community with Kelsey Scott

Kelsey Scott is a fourth generation rancher, artist, entrepreneur and leader in her community on the Cheyenne River Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota. Like the open prairie she calls home, this conversation is an expansive look into Kelsey’s relationship with the land.

She shares her experience raising cattle, what it’s like caring for the land as a family and how she has been leveraging her business to address food insecurity in her community, an all too common occurrence, even before the pandemic hit. Kelsey and Amber also discuss what gives them hope, the definition of stewardship and what’s on the horizon for the DX Ranch. 

Kelsey Scott (neé Ducheneaux) is the 4th generation of The DX Ranch on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation. She is the owner of DX Beef, which offers locally raised beef for direct sale, and serves Project H3LP!, a nonprofit organization which utilizes horses to practice their Lifemanship philosophies with youth. Kelsey also works as the Natural Resources Director and Youth Programs Coordinator for the Intertribal Agriculture Council, which presents her with a unique opportunity to support the improvement of Indian lands for Indian peoples across the nation.

Kelsey spoke with Western Landowners Alliance’s Women in Ranching program director Amber Smith live, at Art of the Cowgirl in Bozeman, Montana on June 27th, 2021.


Topics Discussed

2:20 – Kelsey’s connection to land and where it came from (Amber shouts out Nicole Masters)

4:00 – About the family ranch (The DX Ranch), and its operation and diversification

4:45 – She who feeds the people (Kelsey’s Aunt Lori)

5:30 – All of the family businesses

8:10 – Transitioning to a direct-to-consumer grass-fed business model

9:40 – Food insecurity in Kelsey’s agricultural community

10:45 – COVID-19 impact on food supply on the Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation, and DX Beef

12:10 – Reaching the community with the option to buy local

14:00 – Matching the environment to the cattle numbers

16:00 – The humbling experience and privilege of feeding her community

17:00 – What gives Kelsey hope on the range

18:45 – Kelsey’s crazy COVID wedding story

20:00 – What “stewardship” means to Kelsey

22:00 – Kelsey takes us on a journey back to her home place

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WLA’s Women in Ranching Program

Art of the Cowgirl

Big thanks to Art of the Cowgirl for hosting a wonderful event.

Thank you to Molly Manthei, whose art is featured in the opening of the video. Check her out on Instagram!

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Hosted by Amber Smith

Produced by Zach Altman

Theme music by Jason Shaw

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Amber Smith has been living and working in rural America since 2004, beginning at The Home Ranch in Colorado, where she worked as a wrangler. She and her husband are currently raising their two children and working to steward a 53,000-acre ranch in Cohagen, Montana. She is the director of the Women in Ranching program of the Western Landowners Alliance.