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Humans of the Working Wild is a collection of stories from people in the West who are living, recreating and working with and among wildlife on working lands, lightly edited from

"We have three basic goals, the primary one being that we must have an economically sustainable operation. If our operation can’t pay for itself, we can’t achieve the other two

An advanced hunter education program in Montana goes beyond the shot to repair sportsmen-landowner relations.  Beneath a grove of tangled cottonwoods growing within the vast and windswept Madison Valley of southwest

It was just around 8:30 a.m. on a clear morning in mid-September in the southern Colorado Rockies. Turning aspen fluttered lightly in the soft breeze as Dennis, a neighboring ranch

Habitat restoration on private land happens more often than many think, and is more critical to biodiversity conservation than most recognize. 80% of threatened and endangered species depend on private

Since she took the leap out west in 2017, western photographer and wrangler Della Frederickson has spent more time in the saddle than not, often with her camera in hand.

For our 6th episode of the On Land podcast, Amber Smith hosts a conversation with renowned Western photographer and fifth generation Montana rancher Barbara Van Cleve. Barbara has spent her