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Extreme heat warnings are in effect for much of the United States this weekend, and record-breaking heatwaves have become increasingly commonplace in recent years. Especially in the West, where outdoor

On June 28th, Western Landowners Alliance convened the second webinar in our ongoing Summer Water Webinar Series. The program covered the challenges and opportunities associated with growing alternative forages and

North America’s largest carnivores are in the midst of dramatic comebacks in the lower 48. Reintroduction and natural dispersal have returned gray wolves to parts of the West that they

Pat O’Toole was a leading voice in the West for both agriculture and conservation. With Pat’s passing in February of this year, we reached out to George N. Wallace, a

When conversations turn to water in the West, it’s often about surface water, especially in relation to the challenges facing states that rely on the Colorado River. But subsurface water,

On May 31st, Western Landowners Alliance hosted a panel of ranchers and researchers for a presentation about how flood irrigation can help sustain seasonal wetlands by mimicking the natural flood

State and Tribal negotiators are hashing out proposals for management of the Colorado River that will Kick in in 2026. Why should Western landowners care, and how can they participate? As