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Western Landowners Alliance issues 1000-day roadmap for Biden Administration on climate and conservation The Western Landowners Alliance (WLA) has publicly released “Redefining Conservation for the 21st Century”, our policy roadmap for

In November USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service announced that a coalition formed within WLA’s Working Wild Challenge Conflict Reduction Consortium, spanning 20 groups across seven states and two tribal nations

What we didn’t know, as we sat in that circle and talked about conflict resolution skills, was that all of us would be entering into a community actively engaging and

Epanchin-Niell and Boyd found that incentives may be enhanced through increased availability of programmatic agreements, regulatory assurances, technical and financial assistance, and tailored protections for threatened species.

In coming decades, conservation will inevitably focus on working lands. Distinct from wilderness, working lands are commonly understood to be those lands tended by human hands. In the West, working

A recent study of the last migratory herd of bison in North America showed that bison are not compelled to surf the green wave. Bison, which are aggregate grazers, create

The ACE Act advances several provisions that recognize and address the challenges of ranching with wildlife. Certain elements of this legislation will support western landowners and federal land grazing permittees