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I finally decided on this [ranch] in New Mexico simply because it's one of the most remote places in the lower 48. And it's got a full complement of varmints

Unless you are actually standing there, boots on the ground, in the dust of a vast, arid landscape, it is impossible to imagine the scale of the challenge. How do

It's getting harder and harder to care for land as the West's megadrought worsens, while population growth speeds on unabated.

A conversation with Mimi Hillenbrand of the 777 Bison Ranch Mimi Hillenbrand has been running the 777 Ranch in South Dakota for her family for 15 years and has worked on

The is the fourth in a series of question and answer sessions focused on succession planning between Western Landowners Alliance and Howard Weiss of Bank of America.

Scientists predict water stress in the West will increase dramatically in the coming decades, as climate change increase evaporation rates, shifts rainfall patterns, and impacts snowpacks in complex ways.  A 2019

Every summer since 2014, we have made the trek with our cattle from the Salmon River all the way up to almost 7000’ below Taylor Peak, covering hundreds of miles