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Martha Williams is the director of the United State Fish and Wildlife Service, the agency responsible for implementing the Endangered Species Act (along with NOAA’s fisheries division). She grew up

Survey of Colorado River Basin irrigators reveals challenges, pathways for agricultural water conservation  An in-depth survey of more than 1,000 farmers and ranchers in the Colorado River Basin has some startling

By Ellen Waterston A conversation with Jaide Downs, co-owner and operator of fields station in Fields, Oregon. Fields Station is a welcome sight after the five-hour drive from Bend. It’s a

Using game cameras to understand wildlife movement for conflict reduction  Game cameras can help keep a pulse on wildlife populations and movement within and across your operation. For a group of

As large carnivores expand their presence on the Western landscape, livestock producers are worrying more about the safety of their livestock guardian dogs. Kim Kerns, a sheep and cattle rancher

By Ellen Waterston A Conversation with Becky Hatfield Hyde & Taylor Hyde, owners of Hatfield Hyde Land Trust, Brothers, Oregon When it comes to this busy, hopscotching duo, finding Becky Hatfield Hyde

Disheveled, gangly, the Joshua tree is surely one of the West’s strangest — and most recognizable — plants.  Named by Mormon pioneers for the prophet Joshua, whose upraised arms pointed