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In coming decades, conservation will inevitably focus on working lands. Distinct from wilderness, working lands are commonly understood to be those lands tended by human hands. In the West, working

A recent study of the last migratory herd of bison in North America showed that bison are not compelled to surf the green wave. Bison, which are aggregate grazers, create

The ACE Act advances several provisions that recognize and address the challenges of ranching with wildlife. Certain elements of this legislation will support western landowners and federal land grazing permittees

Of the many living beings found in working wild landscapes, the paucity of human beings is palpable. For many of us in the working wild, the coronavirus-caused shutdown did not

Brucellosis is a highly infectious bacterial disease that most Americans are fortunate to have never heard of. To keep it that way, we need ranchers like Mick McCarty, who are

Katie Geary has come home to Helmville in the Blackfoot River valley. It has been a long journey that started for her family in 1867 when her great-great grandfather immigrated

Ken Salazar grew up on a family ranch in Colorado’s San Luis Valley but his career eventually took him to Washington D.C., first as a U.S. Senator for his home