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When discussing groundwater in agriculture, the mind’s eye tends to conjure a classic picture of a windmill pumping irrigation water from a well to nourish thirsty crops. However, new attention

Irrigators around the West face a multitude of challenges when it comes to using water. The effects of drought, development, and aging infrastructure impact nearly every agricultural community, and finding

Thanks to a multi-billion-dollar budget surplus, a diverse, state-wide coalition and bipartisan leadership, New Mexico is poised to make a transformative investment in our land and natural resources on a

When Bart and Wendy Morris made the decision to open Oxbow Cattle Company in 2014, they knew it came with an uncertain trajectory; but they knew that the biggest gamble

What does “use it or lose it” really mean in the context of western water? Should water rights holders divert their entire decree? How does historical consumptive use factor into

New program provides technical assistance and direct payments to woolgrowers Through the Climate Beneficial Fiber Partnership program, woolgrowers in Wyoming, Montana, and South Dakota have a new opportunity to access technical

Getting the next 50 years of the Endangered Species Act right. We knew the trout darting among the rocks in the tiny stream were special, though at the time, we didn’t