Humans of the Working Wild is a collection of stories from people in the West who are living, recreating and working with and among wildlife on working lands, lightly edited from

A federal district judge’s interpretation of a controversial statute could open a pandora’s box of litigation over every footpath and service road on private property in the West. On the Western

I finally decided on this [ranch] in New Mexico simply because it's one of the most remote places in the lower 48. And it's got a full complement of varmints

Many irrigators face the public perception that flood irrigation systems are inefficient and a waste of water. But water does far more than just for grow food for humans.

On the Alderspring Ranch in central Idaho, Glenn and Caryl Elzinga graze yearling cattle among wolves, lions and black bears. We have three basic goals, the primary one being that we

We've, I've, lost a lot. 45 people in our small little community: young people, middle aged people, old people, doesn't matter. Some of them did not have any health issues