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The can't-miss water stewardship stories
that are defining the West and its future in
a hotter, drier climate, today.


Nestled in the heart of the Colorado, Crowley County was once a testament to agricultural prosperity. Its lush fields stretched over 50,000 acres, teeming with a bounty of crops nourished

When discussing groundwater in agriculture, the mind’s eye tends to conjure a classic picture of a windmill pumping irrigation water from a well to nourish thirsty crops. However, new attention

Irrigators around the West face a multitude of challenges when it comes to using water. The effects of drought, development, and aging infrastructure impact nearly every agricultural community, and finding

The most challenging situations produce the most inspiring solutions. That’s what you’ll find here in On Water.

It’s past time we retired the old Western saying: “Whiskey is for drinking. Water is for fighting.” People are working together to find solutions to the West’s mounting water crisis. We need to hear these stories, and emulate them, if there’s going to be something left worth raising a glass to. In On Land‘s new feature section, On Water, we’ll bring you these stories, both originals from our stable of solutions journalists, and the very best from other outlets around the West and the World.

Water Weekly is a new regular roundup of Western water stories that lives at the center of On Land On Water, a commitment to covering this most critical of issues in the American West. Thanks to generous support from the Walton Family Foundation, On Land is able to bring you regular explanations, insights and stories focused on what landowners can and are doing to survive the ongoing drought and drying out of the West.

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