Louis Wertz is editor-in-chief of On Land and communications director at the Western Landowners Alliance. He lives in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, with his wife and two young children.

Wickens Salt Creek Ranch of Hilger has been selected as the recipient of the 2024 Montana Leopold Conservation Award®. The award honors ranchers, farmers, and forestland owners who go above

Extreme heat warnings are in effect for much of the United States this weekend, and record-breaking heatwaves have become increasingly commonplace in recent years. Especially in the West, where outdoor

A few weeks ago, I visited several ranches west of Tucson, with a group of conservationists on a conference field trip. In the dry desert air of the Altar Valley,

Landowner innovation and long-term research is showing that low-tech restoration practices not only capture more rainwater, they may create more rain. In the desert of southern Arizona lies a remarkable story

New program provides technical assistance and direct payments to woolgrowers Through the Climate Beneficial Fiber Partnership program, woolgrowers in Wyoming, Montana, and South Dakota have a new opportunity to access technical

More than $22 million in USDA funds are coming to help livestock producers across five Western states remain economically viable and steward habitat in predator rich environments, thanks to two

Sarah Wentzel-Fischer is a farmer, a writer, a connector, an advocate. Officially, she wears several hats. She is the Executive Director of the Quivira Coalition, an organization focused on building

Documentary photographer Sally Thomson transports us to the people and places of the western range For a landscape so mired in drought and known for its dryness, the rangelands of the

Black-footed ferrets were once counted out. Their remarkable recovery now depends on creative collaboration between landowners and public wildlife managers. The rain finally let up, and the thunder quieted to a

After 15 years of serving the military’s growing needs for a combined science and access management tool, iSportsman is now available to private landowners to manage safe recreation access on

Martha Williams is the director of the United State Fish and Wildlife Service, the agency responsible for implementing the Endangered Species Act (along with NOAA’s fisheries division). She grew up

Survey of Colorado River Basin irrigators reveals challenges, pathways for agricultural water conservation  An in-depth survey of more than 1,000 farmers and ranchers in the Colorado River Basin has some startling