Alex Few is coordinator of the Western Landowners Alliance's Working Wild Challenge. She has a PhD in neurophysiology and more than a decade of experience leading collaborative conservation programs. She lives with her husband and children on their first generation farm outside of Powell, Wyoming.

Atlas of Conflict Reduction takes deep lookat how decisions are made on the range Hannah Jaicks dispels many of our preconceived notions of that mythical character of the American West, the

The ballot box ecology of Colorado Proposition 114 wasn’t a great strategy for bringing people together across an already polarized rural-urban divide. Colorado Parks and Wildlife is now required to

A recent review by Arthur Middleton and colleagues highlights how a decade or more of advances in our understanding of ungulate migrations contributes to policymaking and management of migration corridors

In November USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service announced that a coalition formed within WLA’s Working Wild Challenge Conflict Reduction Consortium, spanning 20 groups across seven states and two tribal nations

A recent study of the last migratory herd of bison in North America showed that bison are not compelled to surf the green wave. Bison, which are aggregate grazers, create

Of the many living beings found in working wild landscapes, the paucity of human beings is palpable. For many of us in the working wild, the coronavirus-caused shutdown did not

This May marks my 5th anniversary of walking first irrigation water down this land. Today is the first year I’ve truly heard the spring call of a pair of sandhill