Zach is a multimedia producer and storyteller based in the Greater Yellowstone. He is a producer for Working Wild U, and an occasional host and producer for the On Land Podcast. He loves running, skiing, raising animals and cuddling with his dog.

Since the spring thaw, I’ve been traveling the West gathering stories for the forthcoming second season of Working Wild U, our award-winning documentary podcast presented by Western Landowners Alliance and

The beautiful fish that ignited a pioneering collaborative conservation model in Montana may not survive climate change. Was it worth it? In the summer of 1988, as apocalyptic wildfires ravaged Yellowstone

Finding an endangered species on his ranch scared the daylights out of Russell Davis. What he did next may have saved his town. It’s before dawn, and a group of bird

“He writes about people who don’t often get portrayed in literature or film

Wyoming’s Teton Range has been home to bighorn sheep for thousands of years. While neighboring herds in the Snake River and Big Hole ranges blinked out of existence due to

In this bonus episode, we take you live to the International Wolf Symposium, on October 11th, for a talk by Matthew Collins, Western Landowners Alliance’s Working Wild Challenge program associate.

The big news in the West these days is drought, and specifically drought in the Colorado River Basin. In upcoming episodes, we're going to bring you some really interesting conversations

We thought you might enjoy this short interview that aired on the Colorado Howl radio show, produced by KDUR Durango. It features WLA’s programs director, Hallie Mahowald, who is on

There’s a growing understanding across the political spectrum that private and working lands have a critical role to play when it comes to achieving lasting conservation outcomes in the United

On May 13th, 2021, Western Landowners Alliance (WLA) hosted a live Zoom panel of landowners and land managers to share their perspectives on the Biden-Harris administration’s 30 by 30 initiative,