Born and raised on the ranch she owns, Tuda Libby Crews takes pride in the recognition Ute Creek Cattle Company has earned. As a conservation rancher and community leader she supports organizations and agencies who share her believe that collaboration and partnerships are key for getting work done on the land. Her long-range goal is keeping the ranch in the family for adult children, Libby and Ted, grandchildren Bella Wood, twins Seth and Bennet Crews and future generations. Recognizing America’s rural communities are in decline, Crews supports local rural revitalization and economic development with emphasis on attracting rural youth back to Harding County to live, work and raise their families. Interests include historic preservation, writing and education. She is known for extending warm hospitality to family and friends.

And I do. I cut tortillas into tiny squares and toss them out in the yard. My birds consume finely chopped apple peels and potato peels and ends off asparagus.