Place-based collaboratives and conflict reduction with Matt Collins

In this bonus episode, we take you live to the International Wolf Symposium, on October 11th, for a talk by Matthew Collins, Western Landowners Alliance’s Working Wild Challenge program associate. Before Matt joined WLA, he conducted research into how local groups, called place-based collaboratives, helped improve adoption of practices that reduce conflict between livestock and large carnivores while pursuing a masters degree at Colorado State University.

At the International Wolf Symposium, Matt had 15 minutes to present his entire masters thesis project to a packed room. We think he knocked it out of the park. And fortunately, On Land editor-in-chief Louis Wertz was there to record it.

You can find Matt’s powerpoint presentation and other supporting info below.



Matt’s Powerpoint Slide Deck

The International Wolf Symposium

WLA’s Working Wild Challenge

The Blackfoot Challenge

Rocky Mountain Front Ranchlands Group

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