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    So what else is there to do? Keep moving forward. We leave in three days to go work and sort my animals, load them on a truck, and bring them home. Here we go.

    Sarah Gleason, Owner, Gleason Bison

    Right now every day is the practice of moving through fear. The financial debt and investment, the risk of things going wrong and people/animals getting hurt, the awareness of what I DON’T know and have NO experience doing….all combined it can begin to feel really overwhelmingly scary. So I just keep going…what else is there to do? 

    People ask if I’m excited. After 9 years I’m finally going to have my bison and my land. There are moments where I can emerge from my fear and stress and feel that excitement and even elation that this is happening. And I try to hold on to those moments! My friend told me a story about her mom. She was given the keys to her first store of a franchise operation which she would continue to grow for the next 35+ years. At that first moment, being handed the keys to the shop along with the responsibility of the whole operation, she felt sick to her stomach. She went next door to the liquor store, bought a 6 pack, and sat in her car drinking and crying. I resonate with that right now….getting the keys to your big leap dream and at the same time wanting to cry with fear.  How amazing is it that many things in life are both huge opportunities and blessings and also make us ache with fear at the same time?!  

    So what else is there to do? Keep moving forward. We leave in three days to go work and sort my animals, load them on a truck, and bring them home. Here we go. 

    Sarah Gleason is the founder and owner of Gleason Bison, in Hesperus, CO.