In 1820 Major Stephen Harriman Long was appointed to lead an expedition through the American West, exploring areas acquired in

I finally decided on this [ranch] in New Mexico simply because it's one of the most remote places in the

US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Disaster Relief The USDA provides a web-based disaster assistance discovery tool ( to help producers initially

On January 27, President Biden issued a sweeping executive order designed to address climate change and conserve biodiversity. Among its

In this post we lay out a dozen ways in which the Biden administration could meaningfully recognize and support landowners

Unless you are actually standing there, boots on the ground, in the dust of a vast, arid landscape, it is

Many irrigators face the public perception that flood irrigation systems are inefficient and a waste of water. But water does

It's getting harder and harder to care for land as the West's megadrought worsens, while population growth speeds on unabated.

A conversation with Mimi Hillenbrand of the 777 Bison Ranch Mimi Hillenbrand has been running the 777 Ranch in South Dakota

The is the fourth in a series of question and answer sessions focused on succession planning between Western Landowners Alliance

The ballot box ecology of Colorado Proposition 114 wasn’t a great strategy for bringing people together across an already polarized

Ranching operations use LSLH to meet a multitude of stewardship goals, but one particularly fascinating application is to manage the